vMEyeCloud App Reviews

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Not worth the money

Dont waste your money on this app There are plenty of free app on the App Store


Total crap garbage. Cant ever connect

Camera Screen Rotation

One camera rotation is not working. Screen size change and cut.

Dont work

After last update, doesnt work!!! Trash in settings. ( iphone6)

Not working

Had been working properly until I dont know when, it cant login now.

Used to Play 8 cameras...

Been waiting for an Update.. This app now only connects 1 Camera at a time an for only seconds at that... Mostly any Cam "Fails to Connect." You could do A Lot better for your Security Cam Customers.... SMH. Months later still no Updates... DO NOT!! I Repeat, DO NOT BUY ELEC SEC CAMERAS.. This app is directly made for them and is NOT MAINTAINED.


Please fix the app!! Waste of time!! If its not broke then dont fix it. Your enhancing is not working!! Just fix it so it works then leave it alone!!! Fix the app!!!!!!!!!! Why why why??? 96 hrs w/o cams!!!


In order to view your cameras on 3G or any other wifi but your own you have to port forward the app dont believe the Chinese !


Total crap garbage. Cant ever connect

Works fine

I got it to work super easy! Low on features but its ok, the remote viewing works great.

Not working after last update

Not working on iphone 6 plus after last update. When click on login button, app is shut down automaticly.

bad update

there is no connection after the last update :(


Help me to configure push by motion detection on my phone...thanks

It doesnt work , from the last update !!

Non funziona , dopo laggiornamento !!

The app crash

When Saving layout The app crash on iPhone 6. The lite version works fine.


App dont work. Dont waste your money. Emailed for support, no response back. Want my money you crook. Fraud!!!

App was great but no longer working

App no longer works Please repair. Update so push notifications begin to work.

Not able to view recordings

"Get video file fail" When choosing search on "remote playback" And the "Local playback" Option just opens a text input window on my iPhone 4 The

Never Loads footage

Bought this app and never got it to work. At least the lite version will load the camera images about 5 percent of the time (the other 95% you get a failed to connect message). Other than that both apps are non-operational.

Update - working now on 5S

After a few emails, they updates the app to work with the 5s. Works pretty good. Worked on my IPhone 4. I switched to a 5S and kept getting "failed to connect" and "wrong password" errors. I upgraded from the lite version since it had been updated and still will not connect. Im just out my money as of now, please fix and I will change my rating.

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