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Not connecting

App not connecting with surveillance system for weeks. Need help! App update or another app that will allow work. Thank you

Very buggy and glitchy!

Sometimes works, sometimes not.. depeneds on the mood I guess. Not impressed.


Please fix the app!! Waste of time!! If its not broke then don't fix it. Your enhancing is not working!! Just fix it so it works then leave it alone!!! Fix the app!!!!!!!!!! Why why why??? 96 hrs w/o cams!!!

Used to Play 8 cameras...

Been waiting for an Update.. This app now only connects 1 Camera at a time an for only seconds at that... Mostly any Cam "Fails to Connect." You could do A Lot better for your Security Cam Customers.... SMH. Months later still no Updates... DO NOT!! I Repeat, DO NOT BUY ELEC SEC CAMERAS.. This app is directly made for them and is NOT MAINTAINED.

Not working

Had been working properly until I don't know when, it can't login now.


App don't work. Don't waste your money. Emailed for support, no response back. Want my money you crook. Fraud!!!

Was working before update

I was able to look at Camera remotely but has not worked correct cense update. It will work if I'm on wi-fi but that not the case everywhere I go. Please fix this or tell me how to roll back to the old version that worked!!!

Crap. They should have to pay me $.99 to try it!

Useless app. Sorry I had to even give 1 star.


I normally don't take out the time to write reviews but this was needed. This is probably the worst app that I've used in a while. It's a waste of 99cents and more importantly my time.

No instructions

This app has no instructions on the different functions. It also may or may not allow you to view any video footage. This app writer along with the makers of Floureon cctv systems need to recruit someone more fluent in English.

Very BAD

This Application doesn’t work,because do not send any alarm for motion into camera in my iphone,often time not connected! UI very poor.

App do not works

My app has not worked for over two months.

Keeps crashing when try to playback

Installed this app today, so not very impressed. Keeps crashing when I try to review playbacks. Hopefully it can be sorted out soon.


I honestly can't remember the last time this app worked. My surveillance footage NEVER loads! What's the point of paying for remote access if the footage never loads??


Hi Pls return to last version it doesnt work with my iphone 6 plus and 6. With 12 cameras what can i do now!!


can some one of this company fix you cheat the app is f++++cking Broken I can't use it it's waist of money

Latest update made it not work

Always worked great. Now it doesn't. Please fix!!!


Hasn't worked right away for over a year!! But now after their update it actually works thanks for finally fixing it!!

App won't connect with cameras

Since the update, as of this morning (05-07-15), the app opens but will not connect with the cameras. It constantly says connecting & the loading circle keeps rotating. It is now just a mb wasting, device slowing, worthless app. Zero stars!!!!

Worse Camera Cloud App in App Store. DO NOT BUY

Completely useless and broke immediately after the latest update. First no PTZ and then stopped loading all together on my iPhone 6 Plus after working for 4 months on Monday April 4, 2015 at 5 PM. And know my iPad 4!!!! Please fix this!!! My customers are very very upset with me and this crappy broken app. I am going to file a formal complaint straight to Apple tomorrow to have this App permanently removed and banned from the store and for complete refunds for all. This will not go unchallenged until I receive full satisfaction. Was working okay and then went to hell with that so called new update. Optimized for an old iPhone 5??? Should be the iPhone Six. Crappiest app ever!!!!!!!!!

Wasted money

App crashes/ rarely connects

Works half the time

App works half the time crashes the rest they need more updates and fixes not enough options but I'm searching for more options

Doesn't work!!!

Before iOS 8.3 it would rarely connect. Under iOS 8.3 it crashes as soon as you try to login.

Not good

Fix it or give my money back.

Trust the reviews stay away

This is the worst app for security I have seen in the App Store. Stay away people. If you want to waste your money just send it to me. Never logs on. Disconnects a lot of buffering every second. Frozen screens.

Does not work

I recently purchased this app for security purposes and it does not connect. And when it does connect stays on for 10-11 seconds. Please have a update for the iPhone.

Very frustrating

Anyone who says this app works is lying or from the developer. Constantly fails to connect, constantly buffering. Picture will come on but only last 10-15 seconds after taking 2-3 min to connect. I wish we had read the app reviews prior to installing the whole system. To do it again, I would buy a higher priced system that comes with a reliable app.

iPhone 6

Does not work with iPhone 6


This app is Junk do not waste your money Will not connect to the Internet I wish I would've known before I bought this brand that was a selling point

It doesn't work properly

I downloaded this app for my iPhone 6 and it doesn't work properly, it freezes,it just keeps connecting and disconnecting, not recommended

Doesn't compatible with iPhone 6

I have tested this app on iphone 5, it works fine. However it doesn't work with iPhone 6. Please upgrade the app! Thank you!!!

Don't waste your money

This app is a joke. Lite version is a joke. What a joke


I have this app for my iPhone and MacBook Pro. It works better on the iPhone, but it rarely ever connects... and when it does, it only lasts for a little bit of time before the connection fails. Please fix this problem!! It could easily get 5 stars because it is soooo simple to use, but the connection stinks! (I am using this app with the "by device" option and entering my serial number. I am using an Elec surveillance system.)

Waste of money

Buffers the whole time and does not allow me to view my cameras

waste of money don't buy it

poor video quality, no technical support, i use VMEYEPLUS than this software.

Poor quality

This software is poor quality than VMEYEPLUS. It is bad software for $0.99. Unuseful software.


Downloaded the app for my new cameras from elec... Everything works perfectly! EASY SETUP!

Zmodo cam

Works great for me, love it


Won't connect since the update and it's messing my cameras up making them put and freeze up

Last version not connecting at all

Not working at all

Not working properly

Lot more fixes need

Good options

Auto play loads all my cameras at once and allows me to watch remote playback video


software keeps crashing overtime you use it waste of .99

Wish there was 0 stars!

Worst worst worst worst and did I say worst? App ever! Worked 3 times 5 months ago and hasn't worked since they need to fix it!

So so

Has problems loading camera views stops cameras after finally gets loaded app crashes on occasion could be better can't find the playback

Camera app

This app hasn't worked in my iPhone not even for first time. Called support and they are not able to make it work. A total waste of time and money.

Playback button

Where is it?

Hd virgin

What about HD Virgin for iPhone !! ??

Update - working now on 5S

After a few emails, they updates the app to work with the 5s. Works pretty good. Worked on my IPhone 4. I switched to a 5S and kept getting "failed to connect" and "wrong password" errors. I upgraded from the lite version since it had been updated and still will not connect. I'm just out my money as of now, please fix and I will change my rating.

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